10 stories, 3 teams of judges, 1 winner. $15 online and at the door. 

This event always sells out! Tickets are on sale one week before the show at 3PM EDT, at

HWBC does not sell tickets online or in-store in advance of the event.

January 2, 2019
INTENTIONS: Prepare a five-minute story about best-laid plans. To do lists, apologies, New Years resolutions. Making something happen through sheer will. What I meant was....

January 17, 2019
DRIVE: Prepare a five-minute story about something that propelled you. Accelerating cars or burning desire, obsession, ambition or escape. Tell us about what keeps the gears spinning. Must. Get. To. Finish. Line...

February 12, 2019
LOVE HURTS: Prepare a five-minute tale about a love that made you go OUCH. The agony of deferred love! The misery of good love, gone bad! The anguish of one-way love! Bring stories of your heart, kicked to the curb by the people or places or things you love...or used to love. Love that "Hurts So Good" also welcome.

February 21, 2019
FLIGHT: Prepare a five-minute story about flying high or flying solo, running from confrontation or soaring straight for it like a kamikaze. Please remain seated with your seat belt fastened. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's you.

March 14, 2019
ENVY: Prepare a five-minute story involving the undeservedly blessed who luxuriate in all you want. Or speak on your own jealousy causing good fortune. Bring your tales of loathing someone just because they have more money than you, more followers on Insta, or a speedy metabolism. Are you one who lets the haters aggravate or motivate you? Lets hear about it!

March 21, 2019
RUSH: Prepare a five-minute story about racing to destinations or racing your heart. The thrill of capitalizing on the last chance to submit your work, meet your love, or simply to save the day! Hurried projects that get sloppy due to deadlines, or writers block that is cured by the need for speed. How has your sprinting, rallying and blood pressure surging served you in the long run?

April 9, 2019
BLUNDERS: Prepare a five-minute story about a time you goofed. Wax on about a gaffe, mistake, misstep or other oops. Recount a defining slip-up, blooper, or faux pas from your life and times. Recall saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, letting the cat out of the bag or other spectacularly bad decisions. 

April 25, 2019 

BURNED: Prepare a five-minute story about getting burned. Blistered by love, scalded by the powers that be, scorched by karma or just over-tanned. Tell us about the things that leave you smoldering. Sunscreen anyone?

May 16, 2019
FLAWED: Prepare a five-minute story about pitfalls. Imperfections....a glitch that changed your course either for the better or for the worse. Times that even Beyonce couldn't say "I woke up like this." Some say the flaws are what makes something beautiful. 

May 21, 2019
WORSHIP: Prepare a five minute story about coming to the altar. Waiting in line for the midnight release of the next book in the series or singing your heart out on a Sunday morning. Tell tales of seeing the light or giving it up in favor of something else. Feeling the glory of the end of a 10 mile run, becoming an adult at 13, or finally making it to the last level. Prayers, disillusions, and everything in between. All are welcome here.

June 11, 2019
DANGER: Prepare a five-minute story about peril. Shaky ground, dark alleys, dare devils and over-protective mothers. Flirting with married co-workers, driving without a seat belt, hiking alone. Stories of courage, stupidity and other hazards of being human.

June 20, 2019
FOOD: Prepare a five-minute story about GOOD FOOD. Vittles, grub, cuisine, groceries, homemade or take out. From frozen dinners to nuts and berries, bring us stories of nourishment. From gluttony to gluten intolerance, tales of your daily bread.


Moth StorySLAM ticketing policy:

  • ALL NYC StorySLAM tickets are available for online, pre-event purchase. Tickets go live 1 week before the show at 3pm EDT, unless otherwise noted.
  • Limited seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In addition to online sales, a limited number of tickets to this SLAM will be sold at the door on a first come, first-served basis.
  • Please plan to arrive early and join the line outside the bookstore, south toward Prince Street.
  • This event always sells out. Standing in line does not guarantee entry. We do our absolute best to monitor the line and let people know if they might be past our capacity.


  • Waitlist goes up 6:30PM, day-of-show (in person only).
  • Names will be taken at 6:30PM. Names can only be taken in person. 
  • It will be announced at 7:25PM if anyone can be accommodated. If chosen, tickets are $15 CASH.
  • Waitlist customers must form a line outside the building north towards Lafayette. Please do not stand in front of the building.
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