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We're thrilled to host editor, writer, and poet Caledonia Kearns to celebrate her new poetry collection, published by Finishing Line Press

With readings by Donna Masini (4:30 Movie; That Kind of Danger), Cornelius Eady (Brutal Imagination; Victims of the Latest Dance Craze) & Katha Pollitt (The Mind-Body Problem; Antarctic Traveller).

A generous portion of proceeds from book sales will go towards Housing Works.


"In the title poem of this deeply female book, a mother counsels: “But loss can be learned. It just takes practice. Don’t look back. Eat the six seeds.” There is a legacy of loss at the heart of these poems which are haunted by the past but fiercely in the present. Fueled by hunger, outrage, and a tender generosity, A Daughter’s Work is Heartless by Nature is alive to the difficult questions—and beauties—of our ordinary day-to-day struggles." —Donna Masini

“Love” seems too pallid a word for the wrenching human connections laid bare here and “beautiful” seems too weak a word for the spiky intensity of Kearns’ poetry. And yet at the core are love and beauty, hard-won and bracingly real."—Katha Pollitt 

"As I started to read Kearns’ A Daughter’s Work Is Heartless by Nature, I thought, this is what you get when a poet fires on all cylinders. All of these poems snap, crackle and refresh, without an ounce of extra baggage, and like all useful verse lead a reader to revelation; you think you’ve seen New York, but now you discover all the small, overlooked eddies that had slipped your eye, ear and memory; she takes the fractures of a marriage, and uncovers truthful music as it breaks. When I finished reading, I thought Kearns has written a book that will be read, admired, and passed along."—Cornelius Eady


Cornelius Eady is the author of eight books of poetry, including Hardheaded Weather: New and Selected Poems (Putnam, 2008). His second book, Victims of the Latest Dance Craze, won the Lamont Prize from the Academy of American Poets in 1985; in 2001 Brutal Imagination was a finalist for the National Book Award. His work in theater includes the libretto for an opera, “Running Man,” which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Drama in 1999. His play, “Brutal Imagination,” won Newsday’s Oppenheimer award in 2002. In 1996 Eady co-founded, with writer Toi Derricotte, the Cave Canem summer workshop/retreat for African American poets. More than a decade later, Cave Canem is a thriving national network of black poets, as well as an institution offering regional workshops, readings, a first book prize, and the summer retreat. Eady has been a teacher for more than twenty years, and is now a professor at Notre Dame University.

Caledonia Kearns was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and grew up in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She received a BA in Women’s Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and an MFA from Hunter College. She is the editor of two anthologies of Irish American women’s writing, Cabbage and Bones and Motherland. Her poetry and essays have appeared in The Awl, The Boston Globe, Drunken Boat, The Hairpin, Mom Egg Review, and Painted Bride Quarterly,among other publications. She lives in Brooklyn.

Donna Masini was born in Brooklyn and has always lived in NYC.  She attended Hunter College and  received her MFA in Poetry from New York University in 1988. Her most recent collection of poems, 4:30 Movie, an elegy for her sister, explores personal loss, global violence, the ways in which movies shape our imaginations. Her first collection, That Kind of Danger (Beacon Press, 1994), was selected by Mona Van Duyn for the Barnard Women Poets Prize. She next published a novel, About Yvonne ( W.W. Norton and Co., 1997), which the New York Times called “a stunning novel of sexual obsession.” In 2004  she published her second collection of poems, Turning to Fiction  (WW Norton and Co.)

Katha Pollitt is a polemicist, poet, writer, and feminist. She writes the ”Subject to Debate" column for The Nation. Pollitt is author of numerous books including Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights and Learning to Drive: And Other Life Stories (now a major motion picture). She tweets at @kathapollitt.

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