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NYPD Sadistically Eats Pizzas Meant for World AIDS Day Occupy Wall St. Protestors

The eight “Robin Hoods” who were arrested at yesterday’s World AIDS Day civil disobedience action near City Hall, say that that NYPD officers at Manhattan’s 7th Precinct did not give them dinner, as they are required to do. Instead, the cops at the precinct punished them by eating two large pizzas that had been sent by the activists’ supporters.

The pizzas were two large cheese pies from the revered pizzeria Mini Munchies, which earned four and half stars on

The NYPD malfeasance did not stop there—the Robin Hoods also say that the cops drank the 1 liter bottles of Sprite and Coke that were sent to accompany the pizzas. Moreover, the NYPD did not offer the thirsty Robins water and went so far as to tell them that the vending machines were completely sold out of water and soda.

“We could see the empty pizza boxes in the trash, and the empty plastic bottles,” said Charles “Robin Hood” King, President and CEO of Housing Works, in a near-perfect British accent. “We confronted the officers at the precinct about stealing the pizzas and they just smiled and laughed at us and didn’t deny it.”

Housing Works, which fronted $30 for the soda and pies, is demanding restitution from the NYPD, an apology, and a pledge to deliver food hot in a timely manner to all people they arrest.

The hungry Hoods were made up of people from Housing Works, VOCAL-NY and Occupy Wall St., including Felix Rivera-Pitre, who was assaulted by an NYPD officer in November. “I will never trust the cops again,” he said.

In the tradition of the working-class hero of Sherwood Forest, the activists were demanding the implementation of a Financial Transaction Tax on Wall Street and a New York State millionaires tax in order to fund the fight against AIDS here in New York and worldwide. New York City and the federal government have backed away from their commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS in dramatic ways during the past year. Read the full protest story and see videos and photos.

Well past dinner time, as the protestors were being marched chain gang style from the precinct to a paddy wagon waiting to take them to Central Booking aka The Tombs, they chanted “Stealing is bad. Cops stealing? That’s just sad.”

The flustered cops belatedly offered to provide another set of pizzas but the Robins refused.

“We weren’t touching their dirty pizza,” said King. “We knew it was cheesy hush money. But some day I will have a bite of Mini Munchies, God as my witness.”

As of this posting, three of the Robin Hoods had been released, while the others awaited freedom.

Posted on December 2, 2011 at 12:22 pm