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Doing ‘One Thing’ In Philly

Doing ‘One Thing’ In Philly

By C2EA Blogger Curtis Cole

Earlier this month in Philadelphia, a city with staggeringly high rates of HIV positive persons, a new grassroots campaign took hold with volunteers going door-to-door to test willing persons.

The campaign’s name is Do One Thing, Change Everything; a grant funded program that encourages people to do one thing and one thing only- get themselves tested for HIV. Amy Nun, the founder of the campaign, was quoted in saying, “One of the problems is that a lot of people don’t think they are a risk for HIV and so what we are trying to do is get as many people tested as possible and direct them to free services if they are positive.” This is important. Not only for its efforts at ending AIDS but because of the target of the campaign.

In its brief existence Amy Nun and her volunteers have tested persons in Philadelphia’s 19143 zip code, a urbanized locale where thousands of people are living with HIV. Though they are proud to say that of the 160 people tested none were HIV positive they acknowledge that it is an uphill battle. With many of the persons infected living as members of the Black working class the struggle to out-test the disease is arduous.

Everyone, however, from poor students to powerful governmental elites have united. President Obama went on record by saying “now was the time to finish the fight“ and with many organizations cross-collaborating now is indeed, the time.

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Posted on September 18, 2012 at 4:19 pm