World AIDS Day: Screening of Untitled

Thursday, December 1 , 2011 at 7:00pm

Untitled is a nonlinear montage of archival and pop footage recalling the passionate activism sparked by the early years of the AIDS crisis. Un-spooling at multiple levels, the narrative flies between scenes of tragic brutality to kitschy humor, arch clips of laughter and ironic surprises while shredding traditional chronology. Many references — the title, short excerpts from Golden Girls and Dynasty, popular songs, and contemporary issues — nod towards Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ oeuvre, but the film is not an attempt to portray the artist; rather, it places the viewer “in his room.” In this way, the framing of the artist becomes a means to project any number of people, endlessly.

Find out more about Untitled and A Day With(out) Art here.

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