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What the Dickens? Second Annual A Christmas Carol Marathon

Sunday, December 18 , 2011 at 1:00pm

Join dozens of terrific writers and performers for a marathon reading of Charles Dickens’s holiday classic, A Christmas Carol.

Drop in early and often to catch a few surprise performers or linger through the afternoon for the whole, spirited tale. All books are 10 percent off, and the cafe will be stocked with seasonal specials. Finish your Christmas shopping with unique literary finds, including the reissue of A Christmas Carol thanks to a generous donation from Vintage Anchor, have some festive treats from our cafe with a hot cocoa or a glass of wine and enjoy!

Festivities will kick off at noon with Christmas caroling from members of the New York City Master Chorale. The reading of A Christmas Carol will begin at 1 PM inside the bookstore.

Performers include:

  • Scott Adsit (_30 Rock_)
  • Mike Albo
  • Kurt Anderson (Studio 360)
  • Sandra Bauleo
  • Stefan Merrill Block (_The Storm at the Door_)
  • Alexander Chee (_The Queen of the Night_)
  • Joshua Cohen (_Four New Messages_)
  • Jonathan Dee (_The Privileges_)
  • Elyssa East (_Dogtown_)
  • Ira Glass (_This American Life_)
  • David Goodwillie (_American Subversive_)
  • Emily Gould (_And the Heart Says Whatever_)
  • Lev Grossman (_The Magician King_)
  • Kathryn Harrison (_The Kiss_)
  • Jill Hennessy (_Ghost in My Head_)
  • John Hodgman (_That Is All_)
  • Julie Klam (_Love at First Bark_)
  • Michael Kostroff (_The Wire_)
  • Aryn Kyle (_Boys and Girls Like You and Me_)
  • Laura Miller (Salon)
  • Susan Minot (_Rapture_)
  • Eileen Myles (_Inferno, a poet’s novel_)
  • Eve Plumb (actress, played Jan Brady)
  • Said Sayrafiezadeh (_When Skateboards Will Be Free_)
  • Martha Southgate (_The Taste of Salt_)
  • Lorin Stein (editor, The Paris Review)
  • Emma Straub (_Other People We Married_)
  • Justin Taylor (_The Gospel of Anarchy_)
  • Baratunde Thurston (_The Onion_)
  • Lynne Tillman (_American Genius, A Comedy_)
  • Simon Van Booy (_Everything Beautiful Began After_)

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