The Bushwick Book Club Presents Mark Twain

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 7:00pm

The first song-writing book club in existence says "Happy birthday!" to Mark Twain the only way it knows how--with new music (and dancing) inspired by the works of this literary icon.  Featured performers include Elizabeth Devlin, Leslie Graves, The Happy Rappies, Peter Dizozza and others.  Hosted by Susan Hwang.  Enjoy your literature-inspired song with a Mark Twain-themed snack from the cafe!

"The Bushwick Book Club takes humdrum book reading to a new level." -- The New York Times

THE BUSHWICK BOOK CLUB meets every month and employs the delirious talents of local songwriters who plumb the depths and scrape the ends of a chosen literary gem (past selections range from On the Origin of Species to Dr. Seuss to Raymond Carver) to create that rare and beautiful thing: a new song.  All songs are then displayed, spread wide, in one hour.  It's an hour-long orgy of book-related songs and book-inspired food and drink.

Bookstore Cafe

126 Crosby Street New York, NY 10012

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Hours: Mon–Fri: 9 AM–9 PM, Sat–Sun: 10 AM–5 PM