The Atlas Review: Issue 1 Launch Party with Poetry, Fiction, and Music

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 7:00pm

Celebrate the first issue of The Atlas Review with the contributors and music. With readings by contributors:

  • Caitlin Dube (poet)
  • Matthew Zingg (poet)
  • Ken Walker (poet)
  • Brandon Kreitler (poet; author of Dusking [Argos Books])
  • Kathleen Ossip (poet; author of The Cold War, Cinephrastics)
  • Justin Boening (poet; author of Self-Portrait as Missing Person [Poetry Society of America])
  • Robert Ostrom (poet; author of The Youngest Butcher in Illinois [YesYes Books])
  • Sam Allingham (fiction)
  • Michael Simon (poetry)
  • Kendra Grant Malone (author of Everything Is Quiet) reading for Catherine Lacey.
  • Ana Božičević reading for Eileen Myles (poet; author of Rise in the Fall)

and music by Alex Simon.

The Atlas Review is a new, independent literary magazine, comprising poetry, short stories, essays and visual art.

In the closely-knit community of writers, we sometimes forget there is a world beyond our immediate geography. As a result, we see the same names in the same journals at the same readings; the same aesthetic values; the same birds, horses, and irony. It isn’t bad for writers to belong to zeitgeist, given the very definition of community, but art ventures demand new rigor, new eyes to peer into that vast darkness we fear and to which we are constantly enamored. We should all touch the bottom of Hart Crane’s cruel sea or carve like mad into Kafka’s icy terrain. “Curiosity is the cure of boredom,” Dorothy Parker has said. “There is no cure of curiosity.”

The Atlas Review is concerned with merit and untapped talent from all reaches. While we will solicit a few writers for each issue, the true strength of our issues will be, in equal parts, the unsolicited submissions we receive. Through our anonymous submission system, we want to have the opportunity to reject work from a well-known New York writer for an astounding piece from a woman in Onamia, Minnesota. The print magazine, designed by our incredible graphic artist and published biannually, will be an artifact of the beauty, labor, and collaboration within each individual issue.

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