Swoon!: The Recital

Monday, February 11, 2013 at 7:00pm

Back in the day, people used to have to memorize texts for school, to keep a few lines of prose or poetry in their hearts at all times, easily accessible in any situation. This practice has mostly gone to the wayside--no longer do whole classrooms of miserable schoolchildren have to recite "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by heart--but it begs the question: what text would you choose to burn into your brain if you could choose anything at all?

The Recital is a new literary series where we want you to answer that question. Writers and performers will each recite a 1–3 minute piece of their choice. The only real rule is that the memorized text cannot be their own; otherwise, anything goes.

Hosted by Rachel Syme and Maris Kreizman. With:

  • Ryan Chapman
  • Caleb Crain
  • A.N. Devers
  • Jason Diamond
  • Gaby Dunn
  • Rachel Fershleiser
  • Bobby Finger
  • Jesse David Fox
  • David Gutowski
  • Gabriel Kahane
  • Beth Edwards Kapsner
  • Michelle Legro
  • Lauren Leto
  • Matthew Love
  • Rita Meade
  • Joanna Smith Rakoff
  • Rachel Shukert
  • Brendan Jay Sullivan
  • Lindsey Weber
  • Adam Wilson

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