Slate and Spousonomics present Money, Marriage, and the Madness of Dividing It Up

Wednesday, February 2 , 2011 at 8:00pm

Getting married is the easy part. Combining your bank accounts is a different story altogether. There’s a reason money is one of the biggest issues spouses fight about. Join a panel of love and money experts for a lively discussion about the ways couples today are tackling their finances, the pitfalls they’re facing and the solutions some smart pairs have found.

Emily Bazelon, co-founder of Slate’s DoubleX, senior editor of Slate and contributing writer, New York Times Magazine moderates a panel with Jessica Grose, author of “Home Economics” on, and Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson, authors of Spousonomics: Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage and Dirty Dishes.

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