Say It To My Face 3: Say It Harder with Tyler Coates, Jolie Kerr, and More

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 7:00pm

The first rule of writing on the internet is to expect that someone will respond with a comment that they would NEVER say to your face. The second rule of writing on the internet is to never acknowledge the comment that someone would NEVER say to your face.

But most people who are writing on the internet aren't interested in rules, which is why Tyler Coates (Deputy Editor, Decider) and Jolie Kerr (My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag: And Other Things You Can't Ask Martha, "Ask a Clean Person" columnist for Deadspin and "Out, Damned Spot" for Racked) invite you to join them, along with some of New York media's finest writers:

  • Emma Carmichael (Jezebel)
  • Matt Lubchansky (The Nib, The Toast)
  • Felix Salmon (Fusion)
  • Jaya Saxena (The Toast, The Daily Dot)
  • Dodai Stewart (Fusion)
  • and more TBA

as they take back the comments section and regale you with some of the meanest, dumbest, most ridiculous online comments that strangers (or friends!) have published about them. SAY IT TO MY FACE will guarantee a few laughs and, hopefully, an abundance of emotional catharses.

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