Open Source: A Guide to Free Culture with Electric Literature, Man Bartlett, Jeff Rosenstock

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 7:00pm

Join a panel of experts in free culture for a frank discussion on the future of art and how to survive when you’re giving it away for free. The panel includes Halimah Marcus and Benjamin Samuel, both editors at Electric Literature, and Man Bartlett, an artist who uses the blogging platform Tumblr to showcase his artwork; and Jeff Rosenstock, frontman of Bomb the Music Industry!

Man Bartlett is a artist in multiple mediums who is active in both his online and physical communities. He allows access to his work through his popular Tumblr hosted blog.

Halimah Marcus and Benjamin Samuel are editors of the literary magazine Electric Literature, a magazine defined by both its taste and its innovations with projects like Recommended Reading where short stories are recommended every week and access given for free.

Jeff Rosenstock fronts the band Bomb The Music Industry! and runs the QUOTE UNQUOTE record label. He has a stringent policy of allowing free access to his music and playing shows that are cheap and all ages. He released a solo effort in 2012.

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