Art After Trump

Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 6:00pm

ART AFTER TRUMP: A RESPONSE AND A GATHERING is a marathon-style (no introductions, no hosts) reading hosted by and featuring artists and arts administrators. The results of the 2016 election were a shocking education for many on the realities of our fellow citizens. We asked our 150 performers: as an artist, how are you reacting to this uncertain future? What do you want to say or do? Each performer was invited to prepare a 2-minute performance of any form and any content.

Partner organizations will provide information and resources in addition to Housing Works' bookstore and advocacy and healthcare departments.

6:00: Meetup & mingle
6:30PM - midnight: Continuous performances

Produced by
Molly Rose Quinn, Housing Works Bookstore Cafe; Brandon Stosuy, The Creative Independent, a project of Kickstarter; Glory Edim, Well-Read Black Girl; Jillian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic; Ben Sisto, Ace Hotel New York

Hosted with: (more to be announced):
Housing Works, The Creative Independent, Well-Read Black Girl Book Club (WRBG), Hyperallergic, BOMB Magazine, Lenny, WEIRD SISTER, The Atlas Review, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, No, Dear, Urban Word NYC, Triple Canopy

This event will directly benefit Housing Works, and no other entities involved are spending money or making money on the event. All performances at Housing Works are donations.

Housing Works was started out of ACT UP, and we knew then that raising our own money would be essential to our survival and the survival of the communities we served, because the state and federal government was refusing to help. That’s why the bookstore exists, why it is staffed almost entirely by volunteers, and why we rely on the sales of beers, of our donated books, of goods in our Thrift stores, and of event revenue to support programs that have at many, many turns been defunded and denied by the government.

Trump and the Republican Party have pledged to overturn the Affordable Care Act, a critical platform Housing Works has leveraged to address disparities in health based on poverty, race, sexual orientation, and other markers. And we now know we are facing a federal assault on reproductive rights, LGBT rights, on immigrants and the cities and states that protect them. On December 15, we will gather members of the creative and artistic communities to speak for human rights, just as the founders of the AIDS movement did thirty years ago. We hope you will join us.

On December 15, we will gather members of the creative and artistic communities to speak for human rights, just as the founders of the AIDS movement did thirty years ago. We hope you will join us.

Readings by:
Subject to change. Artists invited & hosted by partner organizations are denoted after commas.

Molly Rose Quinn, Housing Works
Elizabeth Koke, Housing Works
Mikola De Roo, Housing Works
Andrew Velez, ACT UP
Vinay Krishnan
Greg Fox
Maud Newton
Christina Olivares, No, Dear
Nina Puro, No, Dear
Candace Williams, The Atlas Review
Dolan Morgan, The Atlas Review
Tim Platt
7:00 PM
Allyson Paty
Katie Alice Greer (Priests)
Jennifer Vanilla
Tommy Kha
Alice Buchanan
Dale Megan Healey
Hafizah Geter, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts
Cat Fitzpatrick, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts
Cynthia Cruz, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts
Hossannah Asuncion, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts
Jennifer Baker, VIDA: Women in Literary Arts
Sam Sax
Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib
Amy Virginia Buchanan
Patrick Janelle
Adam Falkner
Jose Guadalupe Olivarez
Sergio Jimenez, Urban Word NYC
Willy Luperon, Urban Word NYC
Tavi Gevinson
Laia Garcia, LENNY
Kira Garcia, LENNY
Zoe Buckman, Huffington Post Culture
Mychal Denzel Smith
Christen Clifford
8:00 PM
Amy Rose Spiegel
Peter Smith
Diamond Sharp
Syreeta McFadden
Ben Sisto, Ace Hotel New York
Eileen Isagon Skyers, Ace Hotel New York
Josephine Livingstone, Ace Hotel New York
Maura K Johnston, Ace Hotel New York
Nancy Bulalacao, Ace Hotel New York
Martha Wilson
Alexander Chee
Angela Flournoy
Tanwi Nandini Islam
Amy Gall
8:30 PM
Todd Shalom & Niegel Smith
Ryan Chapman, BOMB Magazine
Marwa Helal, BOMB Magazine
Sally Wen Mao, BOMB Magazine
Cecilia Corrigan, BOMB Magazine
Emily Skillings, BOMB Magazine
Nicole Eisenman AKA Ridykeulous, BOMB Magazine
Molly Schnick (musician)
Judnick Mayard
Dread Scott
Cynthia Manick
9:00 PM
Rebecca Carroll
Alan Light, Housing Works
Dylan Marron
Alison Kinney, Hyperallergic
Chloë Bass, Hyperallergic
Elisa Wouk Almino, Hyperallergic
Jillian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic
John Yau, Hyperallergic
William Powhida, Hyperallergic
Glory Edim
Morgan Jerkins
Molly McArdle
Kameelah Janan Rasheed
9:30 PM
Carla Bruce-Eddings
Diya Vij
Kimberly Drew
Giselle Buchanan
Ralph Lemon
Marisa Crawford, Weird Sister
Cathy de la Cruz, Weird Sister
Christopher Soto aka Loma, Weird Sister
Merve Kayan, Weird Sister
Naomi Extra, Weird Sister
Muna Mire
10:00 PM
Peter Cramer & Jack Waters
T Cole Rachel
Jacques Servin (of the Yes Men)
PJ Gubatina Policarpio
Siddhartha Mitter
Jeffrey Gibson
Zeba Blay
Jessica Lynne
10:30 PM
Molly Neuman
Megan Rosario Fredette
Kate Wadkins
Sid Orlando
Susan Fedynak
David Castillo
Cameron Mesirow (aka Glasser)
Cynthia Schemmer
Willa Koerner
boice-Terrel Allen
Brady Dale
11:00 PM
Darcie Wilder
Meredith Graves
Quinn Moreland
Jamara Wakefield
Martha Rosler
Paola Antonelli
Beowulf Sheehan & Rebecca Donner
Brandon Stosuy


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