Adult Education Presents: “Unmasking Cliché”

Tuesday, June 5 , 2012 at 7:00pm


Ruben Bolling: Comic Strips, Stripped
Ruben Bolling explains how he uses his Super-Fun-Pak Comix feature to view life, love, art, robots, the Universe and absolutely everything else, through the strange prism of the three-panel daily comic strip. Comic deconstruction is guaranteed, or your money back.

Timothy Burke Motivation: The Art Of Making People Excited To Do Your Bidding
From the used-car lot to the infomercial, salespeople have used the same simple pattern to make you think you want to do what they want you to do. Burke shares the secrets of motivation, and you’ll never see a TV ad the same again.

Annia Ciezadlo: Laughter in the Palm of Your Hand: The Secret History of Islamic Wine
Everyone knows that wine is forbidden under Islam. Right? Except when it wasn’t, as Ciezadlo will demonstrate

Ken Wheaton: We Don’t All Ride Gators
New Orleans is not in Cajun country and not all Louisianans are Cajuns — despite what reality TV would have you believe. While all Louisianans talk and eat funny, they don’t all talk and eat funny the same. Wheaton explores the differences.

Hosted by Charles Star


Ruben Bolling is a cartoonist and the author of the award-winning weekly comic strip Tom the Dancing Bug, which is distributed by Universal Uclick Syndicate to many newspapers, and also appears on websites, including and His comics have appeared in The New York Times, The Village Voice, The New Yorker, and other, even better publications. His website is

Timothy Burke is an editor for the sports website and owns the sports and entertainment company Mocksession. He is a former college professor and debate coach whose research areas include media criticism and professional poker players. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

Annia Ciezadlo is the author of Day of Honey: A Memoir of Food, Love and War. She writes about food and politics in the Middle East (and elsewhere).

Born and raised in Opelousas, Louisiana, Ken Wheaton is the author of The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival (Kensington, 2009), a fictitious work set in a real town. While he has lived in Brooklyn for ten years, no one seems interested in lumping him in with Brooklyn writers. This makes him weep into his pillow at night. By day, he is the managing editor of trade magazine Advertising Age__.

Charles Star, the host and coproducer of Adult Education, is sort of a comedian and sort of a lawyer. He produces the comedy showcase Pant Hoot at Lincoln Park Tavern in Prospect Lefferts Gardens and lawyers at [REDACTED]. He also writes for and tweets at @ugarles.

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