Adult Education Presents: “Final Papers” — The Last Adult Education Ever!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 7:00pm

PAUL LUKAS: "Permanent Record"
If you found a few hundred report cards from the 1920s and '30s in a discarded file cabinet, what would you do with them? Here's what one guy did.

Roth and Johnson examine the secret depth and weirdness hidden in the seemingly benign text on the back of sports trading cards.

DAN WILBUR: "Empowering the Non-Reader Within: Books and the Contemporary Mind"
Dan Wilbur discusses how to act like you've read every book while sharing slides from his website Better Book Titles.

Musical Interlude by FRANCIS HEANEY


FRANCIS HEANEY (@fheaney) writes and edits puzzles for a living, and that's the part of his life that counts as being a responsible adult. He is also a songwriter, humorist, and playwright, among other things.

JEFF JOHNSON (@fittedsweats) lives in lower Manhattan, physically, psychologically and economically. He writes for all kinds of publications including GQ and The Awl. He's also responsible for many commercials which you've likely ignored. He also wrote this. It wasn't that hard. Like 90 words? Most of them benign, keeping his true desires and feelings at bay, just to appear normal. Jeff can look in the mirror each day and not be completely depressed.

PAUL LUKAS (@uniwatch) is a journalist and media artist who specializes in obsessing over small details that other people take for granted. He is a senior columnist at, where he writes "Uni Watch," the sports world's foremost (okay, only) column devoted to uniform design.

DAVID J. ROTH is a co-founder of, editor at and writer for the sports website The Classical, the co-author of the Wall Street Journal's Daily Fix blog and the sole author of Vice's "Mercy Rule" column. He also writes for GQ, New York, Sports On Earth and some other places when there's time and when they'll let him. He is on Twitter at @david_j_roth but has otherwise more or less eliminated his hobbies so as to have more time to worry about things.

Host CHARLES STAR is sort of a comedian and sort of a lawyer. He hosts the stand-up showcase "Pant-Hoot" at Lincoln Park Tavern on the second Thursday of the month. He lawyers at [REDACTED] and tweets @ugarles. His son is handsome.

DAN WILBUR (@betterbooktitle) is a comedian and bookseller living in Brooklyn. He has written for College Humor, McSweeney's and the Onion News Network. His first humor book, How Not to Read: Harnessing the Power of a Literature-Free Life, is available now from Perigee.

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