Haiti small mapSince 2008, Housing Works has worked with Haitian organizations and coalitions of people living with HIV/AIDS to help stem the spread of the disease and to empower sexual minorities, including LGBT Haitians and sex workers, to become full participants in Haitian society. Haiti continues to have one of the highest rates of HIV in the Caribbean, with an estimated 150,000 individuals living with HIV and a prevalence rate among adults of 2.1% as of 2012 estimates from UNAIDS.

After the 2010 earthquake that killed 300,000 Haitians and displaced more than one million, Housing Works immediately responded with emergency aid, helping with the operations of one existing health clinic and establishing two others for those displaced by the natural disaster. Since then, Housing Works opened an office in Port-au-Prince to join the advocacy efforts of grassroots Haitian AIDS groups, working closely with the Plateforme Haitienne Des Associations de PVVIH (PHAP+), a coalition of more than a dozen Haitian AIDS advocacy and service groups.

The goal of our efforts in Haiti is to create lasting cultural change that will bring people living with HIV/AIDS and LGBT people out of the margins and to a position to where they can collectively and forcefully advocate for their human rights and basic protections.