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Help Haiti

We are partnering with AIDS organizations in Haiti to fund and operate two desperately needed new clinics for Haitians living with HIV/AIDS and one that will provide family health care.

Help Haiti

Help Haiti

Housing Works Helps Haiti (You Can, Too)

An estimated 3.8 percent of Haitians are living with HIV/AIDS, but most of the AIDS clinics in the capital, Port-au-Prince, were destroyed by the devastating earthquake of January 12th.

Housing Works and three other New York City-based organizations – Aid for AIDS, Caribbean Women’s Health Center, and Diaspora Community Services – are partnering with Haitian AIDS organizations to fund and operate two desperately needed new AIDS clinics.

The PHAP+ clinic, located in central Port-au-Prince, is already up and running and has been endorsed by the Haiti Public Health Ministry. By April 18th, the clinic had registered 1,074 patients. On average, the clinic currently treats approximately 10 to 20 people per day.

The FEBS clinic is in St.-Marc, outside of the earthquake zone, where many Haitians living with HIV/AIDS have fled, in part because the pioneering AIDS group and Housing Works’ partner FEBS is located there. It served 342 people during its first four days of operation, and by April 18th, had treated 1,004 people. The clinic regularly treats up to about 50 to 75 people per day.

In collaboration with the organizations named above, we have also been able to reopen a family health clinic sponsored by the Brooklyn-based organization Diaspora Community Services. Called the Centre Medico-social de Port-au-Prince, the clinic is located on Avenue Poplard in an abjectly poor neighborhood. By April 18th, the clinic had treated 1,248 men, women, and children, and it currently treats about 20 to 30 people per day.

As of April 18th, the clinics had served 3,326 people.

Why are we in Haiti?

Here in New York City, Housing Works has numerous Haitian staff and serves many Haitian immigrants and descendents annually. Our dedication to our own Haitian community led us in 2008 to begin close partnerships with Haiti-based AIDS organizations. Since that time, we have worked with PHAP+, a coalition of Haiti-based AIDS groups led by people living with HIV/AIDS, to expand the availability of comprehensive AIDS services in Haiti.

Our strong network of connections to Haitian AIDS service providers means that we are ideally suited to help rebuild Haiti’s AIDS services with all due haste. We recognize the urgency of emergency care and relief, but we also know that we must start planning for the long-term in order to stem the tide of AIDS in Haiti.

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Keith D. Cylar Award

Housing Works is proud to announce that PHAP+ is the recipient of the 2010 Keith D. Cylar International AIDS Activist Award and Edner Boucicaut is the recipient of the 2010 Keith D. Cylar Virginia Shubert Courage Award.

Read more about the Cylar Awards and Fund.

Cries for help

Please! Please! We’re dying! Please do whatever you can to provide some help down here. Clothes, food, medications, etc. We are in need. Please! Please! We’ dying

These words come from an e-mail that we received from Edner Boucicaut, one of our Haitian contacts, after the devastating January 12th earthquake. Within days of receiving it, Housing Works President and CEO Charles King and other staffers were on a plane with $40,000 worth of medical and emergency relief supplies. A week later, Housing Works physicians, including one whose parents were killed in the earthquake, had treated dozens of injuries and provided food to 350 households.

Since January 12th, we’ve raised more than $229,000 in cash donations and have distributed more than $119,000 worth of AIDS medications and medical supplies provided by Housing Works and Aid for AIDS.