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Josephine Akhigbe, Training and Recruitment Manager, delves into the meaning of STRONGER TOGETHER:

Josephine Akhigbe, Training and Recruitment Manager, delves into the meaning of STRONGER TOGETHER:

STRONGER TOGETHER is one of the four values introduced at the Staff Appreciation party. It was also the value that I had at the party and stood out the most for me. Being strong is the ability to withstand great force or pressure. A lot of other words also describe being strong – energetic, durable, solid, stable, steady, words that resonate with who we are as a community.

As an organization HW has lived this value from inception. In 1990 four members of the legendary AIDS activist group ACT UP—Keith Cylar, Charles King, Eric Sawyer, and Virginia Shubert—decided to dedicate themselves to serving one of New York City’s most neglected populations. Consistently advocating so that the dream of ending the AIDS epidemic becomes a reality . . .a dream considered impossible in the eyes of the world.

Reach across divisions – Talks about working well together in individual teams, collaborating across teams, and reaching across to bridge the issues that seek to divide and separate us to ensure that we are giving our clients the best service we can on a daily basis. It also speaks to working with other like-minded organizations as we seek to end the AIDS epidemic.

Communicate effectively – effective communication is very important in all spheres of life and ensures that we are able to understand each other better, helps us resolve our differences, build trust and so create an atmosphere where information and ideas can be exchanged to bring about win-win solutions. In other words what needs to be done is done well and in a timely manner.

Win Together – over the years Housing Works has learnt to win together and celebrate those victories together. That is a common thread that continues to speak to the fact that we are a community that works as one to achieve the impossible.

Making a big move from Nigeria to New York I was concerned about finding a work ‘home.’ I found it right here, at Housing Works, where we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

I end with a quote by Helen Keller “Alone we can do so little together we can do so much.”

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