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Interior Redesign: Viyet’s Elizabeth Brown

Interior Redesign: Viyet’s Elizabeth Brown

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It’s no secret that Housing Works enjoys a longstanding love affair with the interior design community. Hundreds of designers participated in our signature interior design benefit, Design on a Dime, over the years, and comb our shops for vintage and contemporary treasures for themselves and their clients. We were thrilled when, the premier online interior design marketplace, came on board as a sponsor for this year’s Design on a Dime.

Our partnership recently grew when Viyet began donating unsold furniture and home goods to our Thrift Shops. We’re celebrating our charity partnership with a $1,500 shopping spree sweepstakes, now through September 25. Last week we sat down with Elizabeth Brown, CEO of Viyet, to learn more about their startup, her role, and her favorite finds.

Housing Works: Tell the Housing Works audience in 140 characters, or less: what is
Elizabeth Brown: Viyet is an interior redesign marketplace for serious design lovers to buy and sell furniture and accessories from showroom brands.

HW: What is your role at Viyet and what is a typical work day like for you?
EB: My role is CEO of Viyet, and, even though it sounds cliché, I love it because no day is truly typical! I usually start my days answering emails and checking up the previous day’s sales and metrics over coffee. I try to reserve late mornings and early afternoons for internal meetings with the team, such as reviewing upcoming marketing campaigns, prioritizing our tech queue with our CTO, or checking in with our curators on pending consignments.
Later on in the day, I might meet up with an interior designer for coffee near our office in Soho. The design community has been incredibly supportive of Viyet from the start, so we are always looking for more ways we can showcase their work through our site.
Once the business day wraps up, I will often stop by an event at the D&D or grab dinner with another entrepreneur. We are lucky to be based in New York where we are seeing a boom in early stage design and ecommerce companies, so it’s helpful to trade tips and advice with other startups who have faced similar challenges.

HW: Spill the beans: have you ever been tempted to scoop up an item on Viyet for yourself?
EB: All the time! My husband and I just purchased our first home, so I am constantly shopping our site and begging our curators for a sneak peek at what is in the pipeline. I am currently eyeing a pair of Shagreen and Lucite nightstands that would be perfect for our master bedroom.

HW: What inspires you when designing your personal living space?
EB: I find that I am always trying to recreate the feel of my childhood home. My mother has a great eye, and always puts together spaces that are polished but comfortable. She’s also an artist, so she understands pairing color, texture, and forms at a level that I can only aspire to. My favorite tip from her is “every room needs a pair of something.” It’s so true – symmetry really grounds a space and, given my Type A nature, makes me feel much more at ease.

HW: Viyet recently became charitable partners with Housing Works by donating unsold furniture and home goods to our Thrift Shops. Are you a thrifter? If so, what was your best thrift shop score?
EB: Absolutely! My best score has to be an authentic Swedish Gustavian table that I found buried in the back of a thrift shop in my hometown of Columbia, SC ten years ago. I used it as my desk while I was in business school in Philadelphia, lugged it all the way back to New York after I graduated, and now it will be the anchor piece for our new home office (accessorized with Viyet product, of course).

HW: Why did Viyet choose to partner with Housing Works?
EB: This partnership continues a relationship that began with our sponsoring of Design on a Dime. We truly believe in the good work this inspiring organization does and are pleased to support them in any way possible.

Enter for your chance to win a $1,500 shopping spree on and start searching for your next new-to-you treasure.

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