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Member Spotlight: Tatjana Bourgeois

Member Spotlight: Tatjana Bourgeois

As Membership Appreciation Month draws to a close, we thought it only appropriate to highlight one of our appreciated Members. Tatjana Bourgeois is a self identified ‘Housing Works Ambassador’ and makes full use of her benefits (including 25% off every Sunday 10% off in our Thrift Shops every day during Membership Appreciation Months) in our Thrift Shops and Bookstore Cafe and spreads the word about Housing Works to friends, family, and even strangers. Read below to find out how she does it.

Housing Works: Name, location, occupation?
Tatjana Bourgeois: Tatjana, I live in Long Island City and I worked for many years as a Director of Social Work in various nursing homes in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I am now employed by a real estate agent and also work in estate/tag sales.

HW: How did you first hear about Housing Works?
TB: As I worked in Manhattan, I remember shopping at the Chelsea Shop at least a dozen years ago. I worked with a colleague and we would often compare our thrift store finds. As service providers ourselves, we were quite impressed with the mission of Housing Works.

HW: You are a Housing Works Member, in your opinion, what’s your reason to for joining?
TB: It is about the fulfillment of dreams and desires, hopes and needs. Without Housing Works, I couldn’t imagine owning a Prada sweater or Furla bag. The clients that are served would not find the unconditional love support and resources.Together, we become living links on human chain, both giving and receiving.

HW: We heard you describe yourself as an “ambassador” for our Thrift Shops (thank you!) What does that mean?
TB: The many “threads” of Housing Works are woven into the fabric of my my life. It’s more than the shopping, which believe me, offers fabulous buys. The experience is “culinary”—when I visit the book store and have a bite to eat; it is also “sensual” in that the windows offer some of the most creative displays in NYC that are a design inspiration. It is also about a sense of community in that I know many hard working staff. My sisters and I would not miss the Open Air Street Fair in June. I consider myself as an unofficial Ambassador to Housing Works as I often take a few of the brochures and passed them—to friends, family and as crazy as it sounds, to strangers as well. Housing Works is a unique organization with a heart and a soul.

HW: What was your very best thrift shop find?
TB: It is very difficult to discern the best thing I purchased—both my closet and apartment would look rather paltry. I treasure perhaps, my silk oblong pillows which I purchased before I moved. I was selling my home in a difficult real estate market and I put them away—every so often, I would gaze at them as they became the symbol and promise of my own transition back to the city.

p.s. The pillows and Prada sweater are both in the photograph I sent.

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