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Member Spotlight: Pari Dulac

Member Spotlight: Pari Dulac

Although Pari Dulac became a Housing Works member just this past year, she’s been vibrant member of the West Village community and an AIDS activist for nearly 30 years. In honor of Membership Appreciation month we spoke with Pari about her membership experience.

Housing Works: Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you lived in New York?
Pari Dulac I’ve lived in New york for 44 years, I moved here in 1970. We first lived on 9th street and University and later moved to Minetta Lane where I’m currently involved with our block association. The West Village is like a little European community we take care of each other and our community with love and caring. We recently got a grant for the Minetta playground and also a grant for bishop lighting for Minetta Lane and Minetta Street. I had a French restaurant, La Boheme, next door to Minetta Lane Theater. In 1986, La Boheme had a fundraiser for an AIDS organization raising $55,000 for the cause.

HW: How did you hear about Housing Works?
PD: Last year, my son’s friend, a designer, had the most amazing vintage clutch, I had to know where it was from! She took me to Housing Works and from then I was hooked. I collect cufflinks, clutches, books and old records and love to give lots of gifts. I also started donating to Housing Works.

HW: Why did you become a Housing Works member?
PD: I became a Supporter level member for Housing Works’ mission. Housing Works is a wonderful organization, doing good work. I personally believe in doing good deeds, in giving you also receive. The fringe benefit to being a Housing Works member is that you find so many special items that you might have to go to 20 different shops to find. When you go to one Housing Works shop you can always find something amazing.

February is Membership Appreciation Month! Advocate level and above members enjoy 10% off purchases at all thrift shops all month long. Each month Advocate level and above members enjoy 25% off purchases at our thrift shops every Sunday. Become a Housing Works member today.

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