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All In: Care Manager Jessica Mojica

All In: Care Manager Jessica Mojica

Last summer, Housing Works unveiled our new “Community Values” at our Staff Appreciation Party. Our Community Values describe what being our best at work means, and help us to strive for that. Housing Works has an ambitious agenda, including our powerful campaign to end AIDS as an epidemic. Staff use the values as a guide to achieving our short and long term goals. We work together and celebrate each staff member’s success bringing the values to life. Jessica Mojica, Care Manager for Health Homes embodies our first value, All in. All in means bringing your full self to the fight; being bold and direct, participating fully, and being relentless to achieve our goals. Read below about Jessica’s caring and commitment to our cause:

Housing Works: Name, location, occupation:
Jessica Mojica: Jessica Mojica, Health Homes, Crosby Street, Care Manager

HW: How did you first hear about Housing Works?
JM: I first heard of Housing Works through a colleague in Graduate School. During class she would share many stories about the advocacy events and the changes ahead with the continuous advocacy from persons from all around the nation, specifically Housing Works for persons who are HIV positive. Another aspect that caught my interest in Housing Works is the incorporation of chronic medical conditions in Health Homes.

HW: What’s a typical work day like for you?
JM: A typical work day is meeting with clients, assessing for any on-going or emerging needs with regards to medical care, mental health care, housing, and/or substance abuse treatment. These assessments take place at my office, in the clients’ residence whether it be a shelter, halfway house, or in their apartments, should they have stable housing. Always taking into account the clients privacy and confidentiality.

HW: You are an active advocate, volunteer at events, serve on the Client Advisory Board and have traveled with the organization to Ohio for a National Advocacy Summit. What motivates you to stay so involved?
JM: I love traveling to how other advocates unite voices In October 2014 I was privileged to attend the Campaign to End AIDS in Cleveland, Ohio. This national Advocacy Summit was to bring HIV positive and HIV negative people together to develop leadership skills and develop strategies to assist communities affected by HIV/AIDS. I am also an active volunteer to events such as Design on a Dime and Fashion for Action, Kiki Balls, amongst other events. I also serve in the Client Advisory Board as the representative for Crosby Street. It is very important that clients voices are heard. Clients that attend the CAB meetings feel valued and feel heard which brings humanness and humility. My motivation comes from being affected personally by not one but a few people that have died due to HIV/AIDS. If there is a way to prevent and bring awareness to communities and to the government that changes are needed and that all lives matter, then I want to be a part of it.

HW: What do you like to do during downtime?
JM: I have a passion for cooking. I have never been to culinary school but can say that all of my dishes whether it’s my own recipe or trying another’s has always come out good. Being a foster, other, and adoptive mother has always kept my stove full. I get special pleasure out of feeding people. No one ever deserves to be hungry or homeless for that matter!

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