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Designer Dish: James Huniford, Founding Chairman, Design on a Dime

Designer Dish: James Huniford, Founding Chairman, Design on a Dime

In our final installment of Designer Dish, we caught up with Design on a Dime Founding Chairman James Huniford. If you love Design on a Dime, you have Ford to thank as he conceived the event 11 years ago and has been responsible for it’s growth and success ever since. Read below to find out what Ford is most excited about for this year’s event, and why he thinks the benefit is still going strong.

Housing Works: Tell us how you came up with the idea for Design on a Dime?
James Huniford: I wanted to create an opportunity for the interior design community to use their creative talents and vision to come together and support Housing Works in a unique way. Design on a Dime also gives the public a chance to purchase interesting furniture and furnishings at discount prices while supporting Housing Works’ mission.

HW: Editor-at-Large called Design on a Dime “the one can’t-miss design event of the season”. In your opinion, what’s the secret to its staying power?
JH: The secret to the staying power of Design on a Dime is its focus on collaborative efforts. We have so many talented designers that participate each year and their genuine excitement and commitment to creativity keeps the vision fresh and singular.

HW: For all of our supporters who live in a smaller space, what’s the one small space decorating tip you swear by?
JH: Keep your color palette consistent throughout.

HW: Any shopping strategies you can share for those attending the benefit for the first time?
JH: Come in with a wish list and don’t hesitate!

HW: As Design on a Dime Founding Chairman, you’re immersed in all facets of the event, what are you particularly excited about for 2015?
JH: I am overwhelmed and excited to have the cast of HBO’s Girls on board to support Design on a Dime and Housing Works this year. They are considered true New Yorkers and Housing Works has been as the forefront of serving these same New Yorkers—it’s part of the fiber of the city we all celebrate.

HW: This year our event theme is the idea of bringing something home. Whether it’s an object such as a painting or an armchair, or the knowledge that your support will build a house for HIV positive New Yorkers in need. So fill in the blank for us:
JH: This Design on a Dime, I’m bringing the knowledge that I will be making a contribution to give people a second chance home.

Meet Founding Chairman James Huniford this Thursday at our Design on a Dime Opening Night Reception. See what inspires him on Instagram.

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