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Robin Milim, Database Manager, breaks down HIGH PERFORMANCE:

Robin Milim, Database Manager, breaks down HIGH PERFORMANCE:

One of the Housing Works values introduced at the recent Staff Appreciation event that most resonates with me personally is that of HIGH PERFORMANCE. Mastering the individual elements of our HIGH PERFORMANCE value equals success in my eyes, both as parts of the sum and as the sum itself, both as individuals and as an agency. The elements are 1) Be Informed, 2) Plan and Deliver and 3) Make it Great.

1) “Be Informed” signifies becoming educated, being curious, understanding the issues, doing the research, asking the hard questions, networking, and being prepared. As in all other things, “knowledge is power”.

2) “Plan and Deliver” involves taking initiative and being proactive, being thorough, exploring all options, thinking outside the box, innovation, commitment, dedication, persistence, and having resolve. To follow through from inception to completion, from problem to solution. Nothing is worth doing at all if you don’t bring it to its best conclusion.

3) “Make it Great” ties it all together nicely and is what sets Housing Works apart from the rest. From our very beginnings to the present, we think big, we think bold, we are fearless, we do what it takes and then some. We walk 300 miles to DC; we bike 250 miles to Boston; we file lawsuits and change legislation & policy, start initiatives and programs no one else has; we go around the country – in fact, around the world – for a cause. We see a need and we fill it. We see an injustice and we fight to right it – through conventional and often unconventional means; we go to the lengths and depths of whatever it takes to bring awareness, solutions, to make a difference, to make it better. We find a way, we facilitate change, we make it great.

These are the values that drew me to Housing Works nearly 13 years ago and still keep me here today. Both Housing Works as a whole, and Health Homes as a department, naturally morph and evolve with the times, but no matter what, we maintain our true spirit, our values, our community, and … our greatness. THIS is what will enable us to help End the AIDS Epidemic by 2020. Whatever we do, we Make it Great.

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