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Fashion for Asher: Visionary Designer Asher Levine Chairs Fashion for Action

Fashion for Asher: Visionary Designer Asher Levine Chairs Fashion for Action

Housing Works’ Fashion for Action fundraiser has long benefited from the generous involvement of celebrated fashion designers serving as event co-chairs. This year, Housing Works welcomes cutting-edge fashion designer Asher Levine, known for his progressive style that pushes the boundaries of gender – and technology – to the event. The young fashion maven first emerged into the industry in 2010 creating designs for Lady Gaga. Now just 25, his creative approach to fashion and leather work has been recognized by a number of high profile names, most recently adding to his client roster. Levine will breathe new life into the event, curating an exclusive shopping experience for Opening Night Reception attendees. Housing Works sat down with Levine to discuss his inspiration, collaborations, and plans for the event:

Housing Works: Your beyond cutting-edge hyper futuristic designs have been seen on Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert,, Rita Ora, Bruno Mars, The Scissor Sisters and many more pop superstars, why do you think your design sensibility meshes well so well with that of musicians?

Asher Levine: I really enjoy making out-of-this-world clothing, costumes, and visuals. Creating an iconic look is exciting and challenging, and I’m addicted. From a young age, I grew up around music, my father is a drummer and my mother is a dancer. Deriving vision and craft from an auditory experience is something that feels natural to me.

HW: In addition to your well known pop collaborations, you push the boundaries of fashion when it comes to gender, this year’s Fashion for Action falls on Transgender Day of Remembrance, why is it important for you support the Transgender community?

AL: I believe gender and identity are essential to understanding ourselves. Look at situations where people are oppressed or have no outlet for who they really are. I’m grateful to live in this world. I think those who transgress gender are very powerful people. Our society is changing and much of my clothing reflects this change. I offer a new take on classic menswear and fashion as a whole, bending any rule of silhouette or material as I go.

HW: How did you become involved with Housing Works and Fashion for Action?

AL: Housing Works and Logo approached me and I immediately became involved. I came to the city almost 8 years ago when I began learning more about this crisis and Housing Works was a great shop to find some treasures. I am angry that HIV is still affecting humans, very angry. Until we develop a cure, the way I translate this anger is helping those who are still living with the virus. We are in the 10th year of Fashion for Action and it has been a great experience, but the truth is, we need to end AIDS now. *

HW: 3D sunnies, smart phone connected suits, what’s next for Asher Levine, more high tech fashion?

AL: I am so excited to announce the launch of our very first accessory bag that features a sick design and smart device connectivity. Water resistance and ready for the streets. Fashion for Action will be the first public display of our new Grenade bag, come check it out!

HW: This year, you are creating a one night only curated shop at our Opening Night Reception, what can we expect to see there?

AL: Close your eyes and think of your wildest dream. I’ll see you there.

Check out Asher Levine’s Grenade bag at his exclusive Fashion for Action shop, buy your Opening Night Tickets today.

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