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Designer Dish: George Oliphant, Design on a Dime Co-Chair

Designer Dish: George Oliphant, Design on a Dime Co-Chair Something about the Design on a Dime benefit (Get your tickets here!) brings supporters back time and again. Case in point with two-time Co-chair George Oliphant. We recently caught up with the host of NBC's George to the Rescue to discuss his show, his role at Design on a Dime and what he plans to bring home.

Housing Works: This is your second time Co-chairing Design on a Dime (thank you!). What brings you back?
George Oliphant: How could I not come back? DOAD is an AMAZING event that benefits an even more AMAZING cause. To be able to work with Housing Works and all the fantastic designers who donate their time and resources for DOAD is the highlight of my spring. I only wish you could bottle up the excitement and creative energy that is in the space leading up to the unveiling.

HW: You’re the host of NBC’s George to the Rescue where you and your team of contractors “rescue” homes for those in need. How has working on the show informed your approach to design?
GO: On George to the Rescue, I am lucky enough to get to work with the best contractors and designers in the country and because of that I know no project is impossible and that through design anything can be accomplished. There is no “box” on GTTR, we create beautiful, functional spaces out of the most chaotic layouts you have ever seen and with each episode we continue to raise the bar.

HW: Editor-at-Large called Design on a Dime "the “one can’t-miss design event of the season”. In your opinion, what’s the secret to its staying power?
GO: DOAD is every design blog, magazine and show all wrapped into one. From vignette to vignette you are bound to be inspired by the flood of color, texture and creativity that oozes out of every square inch of the space. It’s a definite can’t miss event!!!

HW: For all of our supporters who live in smaller spaces, what’s the one small space decorating tip you swear by?
GO: Mirrors and maximizing wall space with shelves & built-ins. Also, you have to utilize your 5th wall, your ceiling.

HW: Any shopping strategies you can share for those attending the benefit for the first time?
GO: Just buy it!!! You will not find better quality items at a better price for a better cause, anywhere!

HW: You’re also doing a room vignette this year, what’s your inspiration and, more importantly, what’s in store?
GO: I have teamed up with George to the Rescue alum designer, Amre Griffin of Rienu, to tackle my vignette. All I can say is be ready for Wow. Great pops of color, lots of visual interest and plenty of cool must have items from large to small.

HW: This year our event theme is the idea of bringing something home. Whether it’s an object such as a painting or an armchair, or the knowledge that your support will build a house for HIV positive New Yorkers in need. So fill in the blank for us...
GO: This Design on a Dime, I’m bringing _anything & everything my wife wants____ home.

Meet George and our other Co-Chairs at Design on a Dime on April 23. Follow him on Twitter. Watch the all-new season of George to the Rescue on NBC (check your local listings for air times).
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