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Creative Giving: foley&cox Design First Housing Works’ Home Collection

Creative Giving: foley&cox Design First Housing Works’ Home Collection

Over the years, our HIV/AIDS and homelessness advocacy has been sustained by our entrepreneurial efforts as well as our expansive public and private partnerships. Housing Works has partnered with some of the most talented and desired designers in fashion and design industries, and this year has been just as exciting.

This fall, Housing Works is collaborating with foley&cox, New York City’s celebrated interior design firm, to create Housing Works’ first-ever Home Collection. foley&cox will lend their trademark flair for approachable luxury, customized color palettes and interior architecture to create an exclusive home accents collection that will be sold in select Housing Works Thrift Shops starting on December 6th. This one-of-a-kind collection will be made from repurposed and donated fabrics, and all proceeds from the collection will help fund Housing Works in the fight to end AIDS and homelessness. We recently spoke with the owners and creative forces behind foley&cox—Michael Cox and Mary Foley—about home design, the joys of working in New York City, and their philanthropic efforts.

Housing Works: foley&cox are no strangers to Housing Works—could you begin by telling us how you first heard about the organization?

Michael Cox & Mary Foley: About six years ago we were honored to be invited to participate in the Design on a Dime event. We’ve been participants, fans, advocates, and customers ever since being introduced to the amazing team of Housing Works employees and the incredibly important work they do. This fun, “pilot” holiday home collection grew out of a mutual desire to work together more. As always, we’ve been blown away by the incredible generosity and support of our friends, colleagues, and vendors in helping bring this program to fruition.

HW: In your latest venture, you’ll be repurposing materials donated from the fabric industry to create a very unique and original home collection. What sort of items might we see in this project?

MC & MF: We’ve had a ton of fun creating over 200 custom designed pillows with goods donated from such premiere fabric houses as Holland & Sherry, Ralph Lauren, and Bennison. In addition to the pillow assortment, there are 4 distinct tabletop collections that include placemats, napkins, and runners. Different Housing Works’ Thrift Shops will feature different collections, so you’ll have to visit all of them to decide which is your favorite! ;)

HW: foley&cox have been loyal designers at our Design on a Dime events. Can you tell us why it has been important to you to support philanthropic efforts?

MC & MF: All of us at foley&cox are so happy to contribute in a small way to our community. New York is such a big, fast paced, amazing environment to work in and it is when we take the opportunity to slow down, lend a helping hand, and recognize the less fortunate that we turn the city into a village that we’re proud to be a part of.

HW: Have any of your past experiences at Design on a Dime influenced your foley&cox designs?

MC & MF: The Design on a Dime event is such a fun showcase of so many of our colleagues wonderful work that we are constantly inspired by the spectrum of design and always take away small inspirations like interesting new color trends, upholstery details, framing techniques. And of course we literally “carry away” lots of amazing purchases for both our store and our clients.

HW: What future projects might we see from foley&cox?

MC & MF: We’re excited to be working on three Manhattan apartment renovations and the construction of new summer homes in the Hamptons, Massachusetts, and Jamaica. A completed project in Greenwich, CT is being photographed to appear in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens so look for us there. Finally, we’re already brainstorming on concepts for the next Design on a Dime event and look forward to seeing everyone there next spring!

foley&cox’s designs for Housing Works’ first home accents collection will be available Thursday, December 6th at these Housing Works Thrifts Shops:

You can learn more about foley&cox and view their designs, portfolio, and future projects on their website.

You can also follow foley&cox on Pinterest and Facebook!

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