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Alan Miles: Going the Distance to Fight AIDS and Homelessness

Alan Miles: Going the Distance to Fight AIDS and Homelessness

When Alan Miles joined BRAKING AIDS® Ride for the first time last year, he had no idea if he would be able to physically finish, and he was nervous about the fundraising as well. As it turned out, there was no need to be nervous, as Rider #117 rode like a champ and raised nearly $20,000! As Alan puts it, “I discovered I was not only up to the challenge, but I found the whole event incredibly uplifting. I really couldn’t wait to do it again!” And sure enough, Alan returned to the Ride again this year, riding 285 miles from Boston to New York City over three days (September 27-29, 2013), and this time raising more than $21,000 for Housing Works!

This executive at Nielson, devoted husband (finally able to marry in 2011 after a 16-year engagement), and daddy to an “insane” boxer named Chip Glick is also a board member of the Housing Works Thrift Shops. He chairs the Stores Oversight Committee and volunteers in the stores, sometimes with his entire Nielson team. The Ride, then, represents just one high point out of many in Alan’s deep connection to Housing Works. As he says, “I really enjoy being associated with Housing Works because literally everyone will tell you, ‘I love Housing Works’, but a surprising number of people aren’t familiar with the core mission. Once they learn about it, they feel even better about Housing Works!”

As Alan implies, the Ride is an important outlet to spread the word about Housing Works, to inform folks about our mission, and to remind everyone that AIDS remains a major crisis. Only by creating a healing community that advocates relentlessly for its constituents and provides housing, health care, job training, and other lifesaving services can we bring about the end of the AIDS crisis.

Join us next year, September 12-14, as we take to the streets once again and take a stand against AIDS.

To register or for more info about BRAKING AIDS® Ride, visit, or contact Blake Strasser at or 212-989-1111.

For more info about physical challenge events and other opportunities to support Housing Works, including the NYC Half-Marathon and NYC Triathlon, contact Dan Wilson at or 347-473-7454. You can also sign up for the email list online at:

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