Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA)

Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA)

C2EA Mission & Advocacy Goals

In 2005, Housing Works helped found the Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA), a diverse coalition of people living with HIV and AIDS, their advocates, and their loved ones. The coalition was formed to demand that leaders exert the political will to stop the HIV and AIDS epidemic in the U.S. and abroad. In small towns and big cities across America, C2EA grassroots advocacy and activist members and networks fight to ensure access to the best treatment and care for all HIV-positive people, as well as for the use of HIV prevention methods backed by science. Housing Works also serves as C2EA’s fiscal agent.

C2EA’s advocacy centers around five guiding goals:

  • to fully fund quality treatment and support services for all people living with HIV everywhere
  • to ramp up HIV prevention at home and abroad, guided by science rather than ideology
  • to increase research to find a cure, more effective treatments, and better prevention tools
  • to fight AIDS stigma and protect the civil rights of all people with HIV and AIDS everywhere
  • to understand the vital role safe and stable housing plays in prevention and treatment and incorporate housing as a structural intervention for both.

C2EA members have also developed strategies that support and develop the meaningful participation and leadership of people living with HIV & AIDS. C2EA campaigns will change as needs do, but you can learn more about recurring initiatives below!


Without pressure from people living with HIV & AIDS and their supporters, elected officials will never take the steps necessary to end AIDS. To help you apply this pressure in your community, across the state, across the country, or around the world, the AIDSVote Toolkit and the C2EA Community Advocacy Training Kit empower you with many valuable activist, advocacy, and organizing tools and tips. At AIDSVote, You can also learn about your candidates and their positions every election season!

Youth Action Institute (YAI)

The goal of the Youth Action Institute (YAI) is to turn out young AIDS activists and leaders. Since its first year in 2005, C2EA has brought a diverse group of 14- to 29-year-olds to a local community and teaches them to become the AIDS policy-makers and protest leaders of today and tomorrow. While some of the hundreds of participants through the years arrived with a bit of knowledge about AIDS, most were just energetic young people from different walks of life—inexperienced but eager to learn. Get more info and applications here!

YAI Launches eliminAIDS campaign

Youth Action Institute’s most recent advocacy effort was the launch of eliminAIDS, a unified effort to end AIDS in the United States by 2025 and globally by 2030.

eliminaids logo

C2EA Annual Summit

The C2EA Annual Summit, originally designed to model the Youth Action Institute, brings together men and women, HIV-positive and HIV-negative, to develop leadership and advocacy strategies that will effectively address the HIV & AIDS related issues that affect our communities across the country. Find info about this year’s summit and applications here!

Click here to become a member of C2EA.

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