Housing Works Asylum Project

Housing Works Asylum Project

Project History

The Housing Works Asylum Project had its beginnings in late 2012 after two Nigerian LGBT activists befriended a Housing Works employee during the International AIDS Conference and shared their desire to stay in the U.S. because they feared for their lives as gay men at home. The employee took the two Nigerians in and when it became clear that not only permanent housing but additional support was needed to assist them in any meaningful way, Housing Works formulated a plan that became the Asylum Project that exists today. asylum proj nigeria action in text

What the Program Offers

The Housing Works Asylum Project is providing housing, health care, legal support, financial support, volunteer work, job training, and employment to LGBT activists from Nigeria, Uganda, Jamaica, and other nations who seek sanctuary in the U.S. to escape imprisonment and violence for who they are and who they love. The Project began with the two initial individuals from Nigeria, but has since blossomed into a program providing support for nearly two dozen asylee applicants. For more details about the provisions of the program, click here.

Support for Advocacy Work

In addition, Housing Works is offering support for the advocacy efforts of the activists in its program, as they work to get the anti-LGBT laws that caused them to flee their native countries rescinded. In our most recent campaign, Housing Works worked with The Solidarity Alliance for Human Rights in Nigeria as well as several other human-rights and LGBT organizations to mount a protest in front of the Nigerian Consulate in New York City. The protest was attended by hundreds and nine advocates were arrested for an act of civil disobedience when they blocked the entrance to the Consulate. See below for a video from the rally.

How You Can Help

Housing Works is currently absorbing the costs of health care, case management, and other services through its existing programs. However, the new house rental and the stipend fund are the principal unfunded costs of the program. You can help us provide safety and support to asylee applicants by donating to the Housing Works Asylum Project campaign today.

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