Impact Litigation

Impact Litigation

Housing Works staff attorneys pursue impact litigation on issues critical to the AIDS and health care community, including disability, homelessness, public assistance benefits and transgender discrimination. We take these cases to help individual plaintiffs and to create meaningful social change by setting legal precedents that affect large numbers of people.

For example, in 1998, New York City began denying same-day shelter to homeless New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS. Our case, Hanna v. Turner forced the city to cease its cruel indifference and house New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS in shelters on the same day they request help.

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  • Hernandez v. Barrios Paoli

    A 1997 lawsuit that forced the elimination of an onerous barrier to public assistance

  • Hanna v. Turner

    A landmark 1998 lawsuit about same-day emergency shelter for people with AIDS, and a related 2000 contempt proceeding

  • Winds v. Turner

    A 2002 legal decision requiring improvements in emergency shelter for people with AIDS

  • Henrietta D. v. Bloomberg

    Another landmark lawsuit that in 2004 resulted in New York’s HIV/AIDS Services Administration being put under federal monitor

  • Rawles v. The Educational Alliance

    A 2004 lawsuit that forced a large nonprofit to properly serve transgender individuals

  • Melendez v. Wing

    A 2003 lawsuit that increased protections for public assistance benefits for certain families affected by AIDS

  • The Keith Cylar Act

    Our attorneys helped write legislation requiring quarterly performance reports from New York’s HIV/AIDS Services Administration

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