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Trends of HIV/AIDS Prevalence Among NYC’s Transgender Population

Posted by Sunny Bjerk , April 18, 2013

Trends of HIV/AIDS Prevalence Among NYC’s Transgender Population

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With an HIV/AIDS prevalence rate five times greater than the general population, it is no stretch to note that transgender individuals are particularly vulnerable to the disease. And research recently released by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene helps us further understand how the disease affects those living across the five boroughs.

To start, transgender women comprised 99% of all new HIV diagnoses among transgender individuals from 2007-2011, while transgender men only comprised 1%. (The study defines transgender as any person whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth, regardless if they have had surgery or any hormone therapy). In 2011 alone, transgender women comprised 100% of all new HIV diagnoses among transgender individuals in NYC—a total of 31 people. The most common mode of transmission for transgender women was sex with men.

Additionally, transgender women ages 20-29 have the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence, coming at about 80% of all new HIV diagnoses from 2007-2011 among transgender people. And, mirroring trends among the general or cis-gendered population, transgender individuals of color—particularly black and Hispanic—are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS.

Across the five boroughs, Manhattan, followed by Brooklyn and then the Bronx, have the highest number of new HIV diagnoses among transgender individuals living in the city. By neighborhood, the NYC DOH shows that Chelsea (Manhattan), Bed-Stuy, and Crown Heights are the most severely affected neighborhoods.

You can learn more about the rates of HIV/AIDS among NYC’s transgender population or to see the slides here.

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