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Minors’ Consent Victory

Posted by Elizabeth Koke , April 12, 2017

Minors’ Consent Victory

Guest Post by Charles King, President and CEO of Housing Works

Today, an important new rule went into effect in New York State, which will allow minors to consent to HIV treatment and prevention! This is a significant victory for our Ending the Epidemic Efforts.

The way the Department of Health achieved this was in two steps. First, last year, in an effort to allow minors to consent to HPV vaccination, the regulations governing sexually transmitted infections was changed to allow any minor who has been exposed to an STI to consent to testing and treatment for any and all STI’s. Because HPV is so prevalent, any minor who is sexually active is presumed to be exposed to HPV, thus allowing treatment. This December, the Department proposed making HIV an STI. That change became effective today, which means that any sexually active minor can now consent, not only to HIV testing, but also to post-exposure prophylaxis, pre-exposure prophylaxis, and HIV treatment.

Thank you to everyone who worked to make this happen through our advocacy efforts over this past year in Albany. Even when our legislature ignored our pleas for minors’ consent, we were able to persuade the Governor to get it done. Step by step, we are putting in place every single element of the Blue Print to end the AIDS Epidemic in New York State.

In this challenging time nationally, as we continue to fight for affordable care in the US, it is also important to take a moment to remember that we are indeed making progress every day towards ending the epidemic here at home.

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