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Marketing Fail: AIDS for the IPAD

Posted by kristin , May 29, 2012

Marketing Fail: AIDS for the IPAD

Today is my last week as Communications Manager of Housing Works, and my last week as the primary writer for the AIDS Issues Update blog. I was going to write something of a sentimental farewell. But one hour before qutting time a friend sent me the photo you see above, which has been making the rounds on facebook and twitter.

Apparently, the scientific research peer-review journal AIDS now has its own iPad app.


But the tagline for the ad, AIDS for your iPad? Given the obvious play on words, this is an epic marketing fail.

Those of us who work in HIV/AIDS and people with HIV are not without a sense of humor. And while we certainly believe that there are many ways to end HIV stigma, it’s just hard to believe this made it to print.

We do our best to cover the seriousness of the politics of AIDS here at the AIDS Issues Update. But sometimes, you can’t can’t pass up foolishness.

Thanks for sticking with me since November. Continue to check out the AIDS Issues Update, as it will continue to give you the best in AIDS issues over summer and at the International AIDS Conference!

Best of luck,

Kenyon Farrow

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