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Housing Works Responds to TrumpCare Vote

Posted by Elizabeth Koke , May 16, 2017

Housing Works Responds to TrumpCare Vote

Demo outside of Rep Peter King’s home. Photo: Valerie Reyes-Jimenez

On May 4, the House narrowly voted to pass TrumpCare, which will have potentially devastating effects on millions of Americans. We are all feeling really angry about the vote to strip healthcare away from millions of Americans to pay for a tax cut for the wealthy. We’re going to harness that rage to make sure this bill goes down in flames. We will be taking steps in here and around the nation to make sure this bill does not pass the Senate, and we also have been making sure that those representatives who voted in favor of this bill hear our anger and understand their actions have consequences.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

On the day TrumpCare passed the House of Representatives, President Trump was scheduled to be in NYC at a meeting and reception at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Housing Works joined members of Rise and Resist with signs and chants across the street from the Intrepid as Trump and his guests were arriving for the evening.

On Tuesday, May 9, Housing Works joined activists from all over the New York City area to “greet” House Speaker Paul Ryan when he made a visit to Success Academy in Harlem.

On Thursday, May 11, Housing Works joined Rise and Resist, NYTAG, Long Island Transgender Advocacy Coalition, and others in a demo in front of Congressman Peter King’s Long Island home.

And throughout the country, Housing Works-trained bird-doggers have been making quite an impact! Here are just a few examples:

  • In New Jersey, 1,000 folks showed up in Willingboro, at Rep. MacArthur’s townhall, held a big die in, and let the Congressman know what they thought of his plan to sweeten the deal for Freedom Caucus types-for more than five hours!
  • In Florida, Congressman Curbelo in Key West was hit with three actions over the last week, as well as with conference call lobby visits.
  • In Pennsylvania, hundreds hit Reps. Perry, Barletta, and Smucker!
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