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HASA Silently Changes Housing Policies, Greatly Limiting Housing Options

Posted by Sunny Bjerk , March 29, 2013

HASA Silently Changes Housing Policies, Greatly Limiting Housing Options

HIV/AIDS advocates were in for a surprise this week when they received word from case managers that “HASA is no longer accepting one-year leases” as eligible terms for HASA housing.

Apparently, HASA has made this decision and implemented this policy without anyone’s knowledge or informing care coordinators or case managers who work with people living with HIV/AIDS.

Many activists and legal experts in HIV/AIDS issues are circulating emails about this sudden policy, and members of the HASA Advisory Board have been getting the word out as well.

Per usual, however, there has been no “official” word from HRA/HASA as to any official changes in their housing policies or apartment/housing eligibilities.

To add insult to injury, yesterday a Housing Works’ client reported to his care manager that he was denied a one-bedroom apartment because: “As of Monday, 4/1/13 HASA will only accept studio leases.” Again, this policy came as a surprise, with no official statement of the update from HRA/HASA.

As terri smith-caronia, Housing Works’ Vice President of NY Advocacy & Public Policy, noted, this new policy is: “A penny-wise and pound-foolish measure as there is not enough studio apartments readily available for these individuals.”

As many of us in HIV/AIDS advocacy and issues very well know, it is difficult enough to find a decent apartment without these two very limiting, very new HASA policies.

It looks like we’ve got a fight on our hands, folks. Stay tuned.

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