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Do You Want the Good or Bad News First?  The Latest ADAP Waitlist Numbers Are Out!

Posted by Sunny Bjerk , October 16, 2012

Do You Want the Good or Bad News First?  The Latest ADAP Waitlist Numbers Are Out!

The latest ADAP watch list is out! According to the latest NASTAD (National Alliance for State and Territorial AIDS Directors) statistics, as of October 11th, there are 104 people on the ADAP wait list across five states.

So there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that this is a slight increase of people on the list since our last ADAP watch from September 14th (an increase of 16 people), the good news is that the list has shrunk from six to five states, as Virginia eliminated its list through a boost in funding (thanks in very large part to President Obama‚Äôs $80 million pledge to end the ADAP wait list across the country) and an increased efficiency between federal, state, and community-based AIDS service organizations.

In an email from NASTAD Manager of Health Care Access Christopher Cannon, the ADAP wait list will now be released every third Monday of the month, as the list (hopefully) continues to drop and change for the better. In fact, according to Cannon, the ADAP list is the lowest it has ever been since September 2009. This is a great achievement.

Stay tuned for more updates.

042624_nastad Adap Watch – October 2012

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