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April 2013 ADAP Watch List

Posted by Sunny Bjerk , April 17, 2013

April 2013 ADAP Watch List

By Julie Scofield and Christopher Cannon, NASTAD

As of April 11, 2013, there are 31 individuals on ADAP waiting lists in three states. Idaho and South Dakota saw decreases of 14 and 30 individuals respectively, in the last month. Florida has not formally closed their waiting list, but continues to enroll clients into their program and does not have any individuals on the waiting list.

Adap Watch 4.15.13

Congress finalized a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government for the remainder of FY2013 in March. The CR does not include the $35 million in emergency relief funds (ERFs) announced by President Obama on World AIDS Day (December 1, 2011) and awarded to 15 states and territories in August 2012. NASTAD is working alongside other HIV/AIDS organizations to ask the Administration to transfer funds to ADAPs to address the cut. In addition, sequestration took effect on March 1, 2013. Details on how the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) will implement the additional 5.2% sequestration cuts as well as any other cuts are expected in the next few weeks.

Based on recent developments at the federal level, NASTAD believes that waiting lists will soon begin to increase as states examine and review their FY2013 funding levels. NASTAD estimates that due to the loss of the $35 million ERF funds 7,920 current ADAP clients could lose access to life-saving medications. NASTAD monitors cost containment measures for ADAPs on a weekly basis and currently publishes the ADAP Watch monthly. If waiting lists begin to grow as a result of the above fiscal issues, NASTAD will publish the ADAP Watch more frequently.

Finally, additional changes to the Ryan White Part B/ADAP formula distribution will take effect for FY2013. These will also likely result in funding shifts for state ADAPs. Only name-based HIV cases reported to CDC will be used in the formula calculations and the hold harmless provision will also decrease to 92.5% of states’ FY2012 award. Ongoing shifts in the proportion of the nation’s living HIV/AIDS cases will occur as well.

The President’s FY2014 budget proposal was released on April 10, 2013. The proposal includes an increase of $20 million from FY2012 for a total of $2.4 billion for Ryan White Programs. The proposal includes an increase of $10 million for ADAP, $10 million for Ryan White Part C above FY2012 funding levels and the $35 million in President’s World AIDS Day 2011 ADAP emergency relief funding (ERF).

Uninsured or underinsured individuals living with HIV who are ineligible for ADAPs can access needed medications using the common patient assistance program (PAP) application form to apply for multiple PAPs. This form can be found on NASTAD’s website.

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