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AHCA Pulled = A Victory for People Power!

Posted by Elizabeth Koke , March 24, 2017

AHCA Pulled = A Victory for People Power!

A message from Housing Works President and CEO Charles King

After Donald Trump’s election, I wrote to remind all of you of our history of turning defeat into victory by coming together and fighting for what we believe in. The first two months of this Administration have been scary. But it has brought us and other people of good will closer together as we have organized, rallied, and fought.

Today’s victory could not be sweeter. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Donald Trump used all of their collective power to pass Trumpcare in the House of Representatives. And they failed! This afternoon Ryan announced he was pulling the bill!

Thank you to every one of you who made phone calls, rallied, marched and talked others into doing the same, or even got arrested this week! This truly is a victory for people power, which means it is your victory! Congratulations to all of you.

This is a huge victory. But the fight isn’t over. We still have much work to do this coming week to get a State budget that supports Ending the Epidemic. And Congress will be in recess in April, and we will want them to feel the heat. HHS Secretary Price will undoubtedly try to use regulations to destroy the Affordable Care Act so they can have another shot at Trumpcare.02. And we also have to stay involved in other social justice issues, including women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, and defending immigrants. All unfolding even as we continue to work toward Ending the Epidemic in New York State and around the nation.

So celebrate this weekend. But let’s be ready to heat up Albany next week. We have our work cut out for us. But now we have shown that together we can win.


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