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Action Alert: Tell US Attorney Don’t Unfairly Prosecute AIDS Activists

Posted by kristin , February 20, 2012

Action Alert: Tell US Attorney Don’t Unfairly Prosecute AIDS Activists

On April 11, 2011 a group of activists were arrested protesting Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s plans to slash AIDS funding and ban the funding of needle exchange in the District of Columbia.

That same day, Washington, DC Mayor and several City Council members were also arrested in a separate demonstration protesting these same policy “riders” in the Republican budget. But they received very different treatment—the Mayor and friends were released with $50 fines. However, the AIDS activists are being prosecuted by President Obama’s US Attorney on charges that could carry up to 6 months in jail!

Court documents allege they did nothing more than sat down near Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office and refuse to stop chanting. But now these activists are being unfairly prosecuted and required to submit to drug tests—a policy that unfairly impacts people living with AIDS and other diseases.

This decision is out of the hands of the judge and lies with Obama’s US Attorney for DC—Ron Machen.

TELL THE US ATTORNEY: Drop the Charges and end the policy of demanding drug testing for non-violent activists! SIGN THE PETITION!

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