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ACTION ALERT! Demand Protections for Trans Students

Posted by Elizabeth Koke , February 24, 2017

ACTION ALERT! Demand Protections for Trans Students

Rally in support of trans rights outside of the Stonewall Inn on Thursday evening

Transgender rights have come under attack— specifically regarding trans and gender non-conforming students in schools. President Trump revoked guidelines issued by President Obama that specified that transgender students have the right to use restrooms in public schools that correspond to their gender identity. In New York State, Governor Cuomo has directed schools to protect transgender students, but trans students in many states will not be offered the same support or protections.

“States’ rights should never trump human rights! No one should be delegitimized by government, and restricting access to public accommodations is a blatant and violent civil rights violation,” said Housing Works President and CEO Charles King.

You can raise your voice in support of trans students by calling the Department of Education and demand safety and protection for trans and gender non-conforming students in bathrooms and public facilities:

1. Call the Department of Education at 1 (800) 872-5327

2. Say “Hello, my name is __________. I am asking you to take a stand and implement protections for transgender and gender non-conforming students in bathrooms and public facilities. This is about basic human needs and rights, and everyone, including transgender students, deserve access to public accommodations” If you have a personal story about why this is important to you (e.g., you or a family member is trans), please feel free to share this as well.

On Thursday evening, advocates, including many from the Housing Works Community gathered outside of the historic to express their anger at Trump’s attack on trans rights.

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